Welcome to my Blog page!

First, let my say thank you for visiting my blog and share your ideas and thoughts. I am Adel  Alharbi, the owner of this website and I am ESL Instructor.  I obtained my MA in Applied Linguistics from LaTrobe University, Australia in 2010. Since 2005, I have thought of getting my own website to meet and gather all my students, colleagues, friends and educators from a round the world and share with them new thoughts. So, this learning Blog intended to bring language learners and teachers together to share the best ideas for language learning in general.  As I do believe, in the realm of the diversity of languages in the smallest part of any land on earth, learning new language becomes easier and more vivid using new technology resources.  So, I have created this blog to help you find me anywhere you are and be in contact if you need any assistance.  There are two languages that I am coaching on my website, Arabic and English to help you find the best strategy of learning new language. You can always check out my website http://www.adlism.com/

Your contribution
You are welcome any time to share your ideas and be part of our team members. I will try to reply to each comments come directly to me as soon as possible. You have the right to say what you think is right, but also you need to respect others’ comments and ideas. To the best education advantages, keep your words as referred to the topic’s statement with much focus on new comments. 

Feel free to contact me for any comments and feedback adlism@hotmail.com

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