Welcome to my Site!

First, let me say thank you for visiting my site and share your ideas and thoughts. I am Adel, the founder of this website and I am ESL Instructor, researcher, publisher, translator and editor.  I obtained my MA in Applied Linguistics from LaTrobe University, Australia in 2010. Since 2005, I have thought of getting my own website to meet and gather all my students, colleagues, friends and educators from around the world and share with them new thoughts. And more than that, I was deeply eager to broaden my educational networks to accomplish better understanding of the most developed education system in universities. So, this academic site intended to bring language learners and teachers together to share the best ideas for language learning in general.  As I do believe, in the realm of the diversity of languages in the smallest part of any land on earth, learning new language becomes easier and more vivid using new technology resources.  So, I have created this website and its blog posts to help you find me anywhere you are and be in contact if you need any assistance.  



Our vison is to catch-up with the latest advancement of education around the world to empower our new generation.  


To build very acknowledged minded generation in all educational level.


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