Academic Consultations Services

We have professional experiences in several education sectors to assist your educational needs. There are three languages that I am coaching on my website, Arabic, English and Spanish to help you find the best strategy of learning new language. You can always check out my website


We offer the following and more!!

  • Translation from to English, Arabic and Spanish
  • Editing (research proposals, Papers, Letters etc.) in different subjects and topics.
  • Build your Resume (CV).
  • Academic Consultations.
  • Teaching Arabic, English, and Spanish (online tutoring).
  • Develop and proofreading Research papers, articles and proposals.
  • Academic admissions in US, Australia and UK universities
  • Research data analysis in linguistics and/or any social sciences studies.
  • Teaching and Learning workshops.
  • Academic advising for graduate students (BA, MA and PhD degree).
  • Assistance and guiding high school graduates selecting their academic major.
  • Self-publishing tutorial and guidance.  


Please fill out our academic application to get to know your needs. Click here to apply for our services.